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It’s SECC time – when university employees have an easy and efficient way to support charities in our community, across the state, and beyond.

The kickoff is Friday, Oct. 1, and the campaign runs through Dec. 23.

Spartan faculty and staff may pledge a donation to their choice of 900 charities, with a university goal of $125,000.

For the second year in a row, Chancellor Gilliam named Sherri MacCheyne as chair of the committee, which includes Cathy Church and Sheryl Williamson.

The monthly payroll deduction minimum has been lowered to $3.00 per month, which means that employees can make a difference for less than 10 cents per day.

“Although we may believe that our individual gift is small compared to others, collectively, we can make a difference in the lives around us,” says MacCheyne, who has been working with the SECC for 21 years. MacCheyne also serves on the SECC’s State Advisory Committee.

The SECC was established in 1984 by Governor James B. Hunt to offer North Carolina state employees an efficient, safe, and easy way to support local, national, and international charities. Charities apply annually and must meet the stringent SECC eligibility requirements.

To donate securely online, access the Giving Guide, or see the real-time “Campaign Progress Thermometer,” visit the UNCG SECC website. View the giving guide, with a complete list of the charities, here. 

Per SECC tradition, there will be an ongoing raffle during the campaign. Drawings will be held weekly and prize winners can choose from a selection of gifts. 

Contributors are strongly encouraged to give through ePledge (official live date is Oct.1), but those who prefer to write a check please mail your check to the SECC office directly.

Please note the NCSECC office sends out reminders to those who have yet to indicate their participation level. If you have made the decision not to contribute, please sign-in to ePledge and indicate so. This will eliminate those reminders.

For more information, email secc@uncg.edu.

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