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Portrait of Stephen HaleIf you work for UNCG, there’s a good chance you’ve met Stephen Hale, senior benefits consultant in Human Resources. With detailed accuracy and a bit of humor, he guides new hires through the choices they should expect to make in the first month of working at UNCG and planning for their benefit selections.

This year, Hale is serving as Staff Senate co-chair, which means he’ll be even more visible and available to staff as a first point of contact concerning campus-wide staff issues. As co-chair, he hopes to inspire more recognition for Staff Senate across campus, and promote a new award for emeritus staff. He also aspires to encourage open communication between staff and administration and greater staff participation on committees pertaining to campus-wide initiatives.

“Bringing the fun into Staff Senate” is also on his to-do list, through senator socials and a book club.

Hale is not only an ambassador for UNCG, but for a literary tradition in Greensboro – the “Five by O. Henry” production, this year hitting the stage of the Greensboro History Museum Aug. 10 through 19.

Hale has played O. Henry, Greensboro’s favorite literary son, for the last ten years.

Image of Stephen Hale dressed as O. Henry next to "5 by O. Henry" sign(He has also served as grandmaster of the Greensboro Fourth of July parade, dressed as O. Henry, and played the part for the U.S. Postal Service stamp dedication.)

At thirty-two years, “Five by O. Henry,” directed by UNCG alumna Barbara Britton, is the longest continuously running rendition of O. Henry plays in the country. Hale says the audiences appreciate the language of the time and coming to see the same actors year after year in different plays. Some even sing along at the musical interludes and try to guess the surprise endings that O. Henry stories are known for.

“The tradition helps keep O. Henry’s memory at the forefront of Greensboro history,” says Hale.

This is the last year the play will be performed downtown before it moves to the new auditorium at the Well·Spring retirement community.

Tickets, for evening and matinee performances are available online at www.TicketMeGreensboro.com or by calling 336-373-2982.

By Susan Kirby-Smith

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