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The UNC Strategic Direction Initiative will set the UNC system’s strategic direction for 2013-18.

Dr. Vidyaranya Gargeya serves on the initiative’s Faculty Advisory Council. It advises the two committees in this process: the Strategic Directions Committee and the UNC Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions. Chancellor Brady serves on the latter committee.

Brady has given updates at meetings of various UNCG constituencies. The chancellor’s office has a web page giving an overview of this initiative.

During the latter part of the Nov. 14 UNCG faculty forum, Gargeya spoke from his perspective. He referred to Brady’s informative PowerPoint presentation about the process – it is available online at http://budgetcentral.uncg.edu/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Strategic_Directions_Presentation_6Nov12.pptx

He encouraged the attendees to visit the system’s web site devoted to the initiative – http://www.northcarolina.edu/strategic_direction/Overview.htm. At the site are videostreams of meetings, documents, membership lists of committees, and a place to provide input and comments.

He noted there will be regional meetings across the state in the coming weeks. The dates and locations have not been announced.

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