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Parallel to the Banner 9 implementation, course, schedule and student data will be restructured and cleaned up to support streamlined data entry and increased effectiveness in reporting. This has been a year-long effort to better align the data within Banner to meet UNCG’s needs.

If you work with course, schedule and/or student data in Banner, DegreeWorks, or WebFocus Reporting, please plan to attend a student data information session. The University Registrar, Michael Gaines, and ENGAGE Executive Director, Kristine Sunda, will present detailed information on new policies, student data definitions and changed processes.  

Key data definitions impacted are new campus definitions (on campus vs. online), majors/concentrations, course schedule types and instructional methods, and student types.  New policies define these data and the usage.Changed processes include departmental approvals for major changes, online section creation, and student data integration and reporting requests.

Information will also be presented on the new university reporting tool, Argos, which will offer efficient data collection and improved student data analysis.

To register for a Student Data Information session, please visit: https://workshops.uncg.edu/workshops-by-category.jsp?cat_id=77003753

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