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Tom Ross, president of the UNC system, visited UNCG Friday, Feb. 18. The afternoon was filled with 45-minute meetings with Faculty Senate, then Staff Senate, then the Student Government Association. Ross commended the work in giving faculty credit for engaging in the community as part of P&T – that corresponds with UNC Tomorrow’s thrust. He also commended UNCG getting out in front in looking at academic program review. Ross asked that Staff Senate forward the suggestions they’d received regarding staff morale. And he talked budget: “It’s going to be a hard year.”

Items this week include Forums for early/middle college of health and human sciences at UNCG; Budget web site updates; Community engagement in departmental P&T guidelines; UNCG Dining has launched Balanced U; Sophomore Hoadley national semifinalist for Sullivan Award; Men’s and women’s cross country teams were honored; Gaski hits 600; Physical inactivity, the biggest public health problem of the 21st century?; Renovations at Jackson; Spring break for CW