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A street to celebrate (courtesy UNCG Archives)

‘Tate Street, that great street’ – as the refrain goes.

The Tate Street community and heritage will be celebrated once again with the 2019 Tate Street Festival, which presents live music and performance, fine arts and crafts.
The event is this Saturday (Oct. 19), 1-7 p.m., in the Tate Street business district.
Be part of the free-admission celebration and discover some great new art, music, and food. This year, there will be over 60 vendors on Tate Street – including 10 booths filled with UNCG student work – selling jewelry, painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, organic health and beauty products, handmade clothing, hats, fine crafts, vintage clothing and furniture, stained glass and even more unique works of art.
It’s the same afternoon as the big UNCG Homecoming Party, so stop in on your way to the campus party on Kaplan Commons.
Visit https://www.facebook.com/tatestreetfestival/ or email tatestreetfestival@gmail.com for more info on the Tate Street Festival.
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