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I got a note Friday questioning whether “11th chancellor” is accurate. This provides a great opportunity to explore our history – and to verify that the statement is in fact accurate.

The first two campus leaders, McIver and Foust, were not called “chancellor” – the title was adopted in 1945, apparently. And two leaders were relatively short-term, interim chancellors: Debra Stewart and W.W. Pierson. Dr. Dunn has served as acting chancellor (while also serving as provost and executive vice chancellor).

When Dr Linda Brady was installed, she was installed as our university’s 10th chancellor (and of course, we were not known as a “university” till the mid-1960s, when Woman’s College became UNCG.) So there is a lot of cloudiness and opportunity for confusion, as titles have changed, the campus’ name has changed several times, etc. Aside from short-term interim chancellors, here are the ten full chancellors (even if known by another title) that our campus has known as of May 2015:

Mr. Charles D. McIver (received honorary doctorates)
Mr. Julius I. Foust (earned Ph.B degree)
Mr. Walter C. Jackson (received honorary doctorates; first to be called “chancellor,” in final years of his tenure)
Dr. Edward K. Graham (first UNCG head administrator to earn doctorate)
Dr. Gordon Blackwell (first to have any type of investiture ceremony)
Dr. Otis Singletary (declined a ceremony)
Dr. James Ferguson (first large investiture ceremony, a tradition that continues: Fred Chappell spoke, a Class of 1894 alumna was on hand)
Dr. William Moran
Dr. Patricia Sullivan
Dr. Linda Brady

Our campus will welcome Dr. Franklin Gilliam Jr. on Sept. 8 as its 11th chancellor.

By Mike Harris
Note: If you’re interested in campus history, please click the links. The links will provide you further information and show CW’s sources.

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