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Faculty will have a great opportunity to learn more about Retirement Choices.

On Thursday, January 17, the UNCG Association of Retired Faculty (ARF) and the UNCG Faculty Senate are co-hosting a panel discussion entitled, “What’s the Best Retirement Plan for You: Traditional or Phased?” Retired UNCG faculty will share why they decided on phased or traditional retirement and what their experiences were. This panel will be of particular interest to tenured or tenure track faculty who have the option of phased vs. traditional retirement. The panel will be followed by a wine and cheese reception. The event runs 4–6 p.m. in the UNCG Faculty Center.

The event is open to all UNCG faculty and EPA administrative and professional staff, regardless of whether you are an ARF member.

ARF membership is open to all UNCG retired and employed faculty (tenure track, non-tenure track, & EPA administrative and professional staff) who are 55 and older. Membership applications will be available at this event, or you can join online at http://uncgarf.org/. For more information, contact Susan Dennison, ARF President (stdennis@uncg.edu).

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