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The Great Conversation series is a presentation and discussion sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and Phi Sigma Tau several times each semester.

The first presenter will be Dr. Gary Rosenkrantz (Philosophy), speaking on “The Identity of Living Things” on Sept. 21. Each Great Conversation begins at 5 p.m. in the Faculty Center.

He will defend the metaphysical thesis that every known living organism has an essential, vital part which determines its identity.

Upcoming presenters are:

  • Dr. John Roberts, UNC-CH Department of Philosophy, on “Infinity”, Oct. 19
  • Dr. Rob Guttentag, UNCG Department of Psychology, on “Some of My Favorite Weird Beliefs”, Nov. 18.

The Great Conversation was conceived to offer students and faculty an opportunity to grapple with important intellectual issues and problems. The core is philosophical inquiry but the questions addressed have no disciplinary boundaries. It presents a unique opportunity for students of all disciplines to sit with faculty at the discussion table.

All are welcome.

For more information, email mmdargat@uncg.edu.

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