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020310FiveSpot_CottrellSarah Cottrell is a house worker at Alumni House. She has been there since the mid 1990s. Among her responsibilities, she hosts and works events there throughout the year, of all types. “We do lots of weddings,” she says, at least 10-15 a year, and most request that she be the host. “My job is fun,” she says. “It’s a joy.” She notes you have to be protective of all the antique furniture at these events. One of her sons, Paul Irving Bigelow, Jr., works in Facilities Operations as a general utility worker. Her granddaughter, Iesha Bigelow (his daughter), attended sports camps at UNCG since she was eight, Cottrell says. Because of her, she has become quite a basketball fan. Iesha played basketball for Dudley High School, and helped lead them to the state championship last year. Cottrell continues to volunteer with the Dudley booster club and PTSA. And she notes that her granddaughter received several scholarships to attend UNCG including one from the Dudley High Class of 1964 and one from the Dudley High Sports Hall of Fame. A freshman, she is now a manager on this year’s women’s team, and hopes to try out for the team as a walk-on next year. Cottrell attends a lot of the women’s games. And she attends the men’s games in the Greensboro Coliseum. What does she like best about the games? “Just watching the kids play. Seeing how much work they put into it. It is like work to them – to be the best they can be.” She likes seeing all the fans. “It’s good to see the alums supporting the team … that means a lot.” So who are some players that readers might want to keep an eye on at Feb. 8’s big SpartanFest game at the Coliseum?

Some favorite UNCG men’s basketball players

  1. Mikko Koivisto #4 He has that certain energy, no matter the [score].
  2. Kendall Toney #15 When he’s hot with three pointers, there’s no stopping him.
  3. Pete Brown #44 A strong kid, out to win the game no matter what – plays hard.
  4. Brandon Evans #22 I like to see him play, a very good guard.
  5. Korey Van Dussen #11 He plays good defense. He’s very good. Next year, this kid is going to knock it out of the park. I could watch him play all day.

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