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Photo of apples placed in the woods at the School of Music, Theatre and DanceThe campus tradition of leaving apples at the Minerva Statue continues. I stopped by the statue and counted 78 apples on the second day of exams. In addition, someone had left a bag of Harris-Teeter red apples on the ground at the base of the statue. (Hey, why just leave one, right?) By Monday, the number of apples stood at around 120.

I recently was asked, “What happens to all those apples?” Last fall, I’d asked Hal Shelton in Grounds that very question, and stopped by to speak with Gually Morales and Tony Rojas, who take care of that area of campus. I learned that Grounds staff sometimes cleans and places a few pristine apples in the Grounds Department common area. But most of the apples are taken to the edge of the Peabody Park woods and placed on the ground and in bushes for the squirrels and rabbits to enjoy. A delightful holiday treat for the woodland animals … it seemed like something straight out of a great Beatrix Potter book. After last year’s December exams had ended, I was walking near Peabody Park and, lo and behold, there were a group of apples on the forest floor. I snapped a photo (dated Dec. 16, 2014). Within a few days, they were virtually all gone.

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Post and photo by Mike Harris

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