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Photo of Tony Phillips.Tony Phillips, UNCG’s Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) coordinator of facilities, has been central in fulfilling UNCG’s goal of providing minority-owned businesses equal access and opportunity to participate in the university’s construction program.

His work is part of UNCG’s culture of inclusiveness.

Phillips received the “Agency/Public Owner Advocate Award” from the North Carolina Department of Administration HUB Office, earlier this month at the Annual State Construction Conference.

Machelle Sanders, secretary of NC Department of Administration, and Tony Phillips

Philips became UNCG’s HUB coordinator in 2009. He has shown a clear commitment to meaningful partnerships with HUB contractors, and during the last five years, with his guidance, UNCG’s HUB participation has been higher than 30 percent, far exceeding the state’s recommended goal of 10 percent and UNCG’s own goal of 15 percent.

Phillips has worked closely with UNCG Purchasing and many other departments in contracting with HUB firms. He has promoted HUB projects on the UNCG campus by facilitating collaboration between UNCG, HUB contractors, majority contractors and other surrounding state agencies. He also encouraged UNCG to establish a HUB participation goal for design services under the open ended design services program. He attends many stakeholder meetings with HUB contractors to help identify potential barriers and challenges.

Assoc. VC for Facilities Jorge Quintal with Phillips

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Jorge Quintal says of Phillips, “Tony’s commitment to providing opportunity for HUB firms to participate in UNCG’s construction program is remarkable. Through the HUB program, local and regional HUB contractors are able to compete for construction work at UNCG and when they are successful in winning a contract, they know that Tony is always available to make sure any issue that may arise during the execution of the contract is resolved. Because of his working experience and knowledge of the construction industry, Tony is very effective in working with construction managers in identifying opportunities for HUB firms in large university projects.”

In reference to his dedication to UNCG’s HUB involvement, Phillips said, “It is my goal each year to continue making significant gains towards building a strong program dedicated to providing minority businesses equal opportunities on UNCG’s campus.”

In 2011, Phillips helped create the UNC System Triad Coalition-Annual Minority Construction and Supplier Outreach Event, a project with Winston-Salem State University and NC A&T University that provides networking opportunities for UNC system schools, HUB contractors and majority contractors. With Philip’s direction, UNCG co-hosted the NC HUB Office Contractors College, an eleven-week program dedicated to increasing the capabilities and capacities of HUB/Minority contractors. Phillips also developed a HUB Coordinator procedures manual for facilitating processes at every stage, from design through construction.

Antonio Wallace, CEO of a local HUB firm, GP Supply Company, praised Phillips by saying, “When I first met UNCG’s HUB Coordinator, Tony Phillips, I immediately sensed his dedication to providing HUB Businesses equal access to the university’s construction and procurement opportunities. After working with him the past three years, I realize that Tony is a tremendous asset, not only to the HUB community, but to everyone. He recognizes the value of relationships and encourages networking and collaboration between the university, HUB contractors and majority contractors. His efforts are consistent and his commitment to the HUB community is unwavering.”

Some text in this piece courtesy the N.C. Department of Administration HUB Office.

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