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The UNCG Office of Waste Reduction & Recycling deployed 29 small Dumpsters for cardboard collection and 58 wheeled trash and recycling roll carts to capture the additional waste associated with students moving back to campus.

About 4,800 students moving in generate a great number of moving boxes. However the bulk of the extra waste come from the material used to package the many items bought to outfit the residence hall rooms. Large items like refrigerators and televisions have oversize boxes that are full of Styrofoam and plastic bags. Small items like hair dryers, laptops and desk accoutrements have surprisingly bulky packaging that many times are larger than the item itself.

All this extra material is a perfect storm for cardboard collection, while the bulk of UNCG’s cardboard is usually recycled with the Commingled Recycling setup, during Move-In the amount of cardboard warrants collecting it separately from other trash and recycling.

More than seven tons of cardboard were collected this year by the OWRR crew: Joe Wagner, Jerome Isley, Carlo Frate and Vincent Whitt

To assist the students and parents on how to properly sort and break down the material the OWRR relies on staff volunteers. This year was the first year that UNCG’s Staff Senators decided to help with this endeavor: Special thanks to Jeannie Lasley, Emily Strandwitz, Vickie DeBari, Audrey Sage, Frankie Jones, Maggie Chrismon, Allen Rogers, Eileen Kane, Jim Kane, Brenda Hampshire, Lee Odom, Trish Plunkett, and several other Staff Senators that are part of the group’s Service Committee. In addition, many “Student Move Crew” volunteers were utilized to encourage folks to use the collection containers correctly.

By Ben Kunka, UNCG OWRR Operations Manager

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