News Items from UNC Greensboro

Late in the week of Feb. 14, clinicians in Student Health Services diagnosed a student with signs and symptoms of active tuberculosis (TB). The Student Health Services staff contacted the Guilford County Department of Public Health immediately, as required by state communicable disease law. The student was transferred to a hospital where further evidence of TB was found. The student was treated with antibiotics.

The Department of Public Health has been working with the student and the university to identify and test those at risk of acquiring TB. Approximately 600 students, faculty and staff members have been identified and have been contacted.

All those identified to be at risk have been able to receive a TB skin test at no cost. Those with positive skin tests will be offered antibiotics free of charge. Testing and medication will be provided by Guilford County Department of Public Health.

Approximately 446 individuals were tested Friday, Feb 28. Thirty-four more were administered tests on Monday, March 1.

For more information on TB, visit www.guilfordhealth.org and click on Health Information A-Z for a fact sheet on tuberculosis.

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