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083116Feature_TutorTrainingThe UNCG Student Success Center’s Tutor Training Program has been recertified by the College Reading and Learning Association’s (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certificate (ITTPC) until April 2021.

CRLA sets a standard of skills and strategies for our tutors, says Emily Polk, Senior Assistant Director, Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs. CRLA ITTPC certifies our program which allows us to certify our tutors. “This means that our tutors through Tutoring and Academic Skills Programs (TASP) and Special Support Services (SSS) are receiving quality training to provide quality service to UNCG’s students. Our tutor training is comprised of three levels. All tutors are required to go to training  – until they complete all levels.”

This past academic year (2015-2016) the program awarded 82 CRLA certificates to UNCG tutors.

The certificates indicate that the tutors have gone through an internationally approved training on how to work with college students to help them succeed. It also certifies that they’ve acquired at least 25 hours of tutoring experience.

“Our tutors are given skills on how the flow of a tutoring session should go and how to check for understanding to ensure their techniques are effective for students.” They are skilled in working with students and assisting them in a variety of study skills,” Polk adds.

“They also receive training on goal setting to assist students in setting and achieving goals for their courses. Our tutors learn about different learning/student development theories as well so they can understand where a student is coming from developmentally; and they’re trained to work with a diverse group of students.”
Tutors must have a B+ or higher in the course, a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA and receive a faculty recommendation in each subject area they want to tutor.

“Our tutor training also helps our tutors professionally by training them to give effective feedback, use effective communication methods, develop assertiveness and learn group management techniques, which in turn helps them gain skills for the future workforce.”

Want to know more? Visit success.uncg.edu/lac/tutoring.php.

By Mike Harris

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