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One way that individuals and programs on campus pass along and receive news is via Twitter. The posts are very short, sometimes with links to a video, picture or larger story. And they represent a great way (in 140 characters or fewer) to immediately get information to those who want it.

The university’s main twitter account is mostly operated by Lanita Withers Goins (University Relations). Helen Hebert and Danielle Baldwin post tweets (messages) as well on that account. It has more than 4,700 followers.

UNCG Weekend is a great twitter feed for keeping students and the campus community informed about happenings on campus. If a tweet is spotted saying ‘Hey, not much happening at UNCG’ – UNCG Weekend will set it straight with what is happening. If you’d wanted to know about UNCG club swim team’s first meet at the Greensboro Aquatic Center – or the recent Club Rugby match – that feed had the scoop. A sample tweet: “Baseball game, film festival, up till dawn, bingo in weil winfield. There’s plenty to do tonight, people.”

Chancellor Brady tweets. Some messages in past weeks noted a Teaching Fellows reception and the Budget Sounding Board, as well as moderating the student government presidential debate and hosting an event for student leaders.

Athletics has a great number of Twitter accounts. Their main one, UNCGsports, has about 2,150 followers. It’s especially helpful in following the flow of the games, as Phil Perry and others input updates and observations. Kim Record tweets, as does Tim George. Some of the coaches do too – such as Linh Nguyen. His tweet late on a Saturday night helped immediately spread the word that UNCG sophomore Paul Chelimo, a prospective Public Health major, had just placed fourth at the NCAA Indoor Championships. “4th!!!!!” it said. Sometimes you don’t need 140 characters – nine are enough. (Last weekend, he retweeted video of Chelimo setting the season’s fastest national time in the 1500m.)

Mike Tarrant in UNCG Government Relations has one – he tweeted the first link to Trevis Simpson’s fantastic dunk in the SoCon men’s basketball semifinals that CW saw. A more typical post is about Rep. Brad Miller speaking at UNCG’s Graduate Research & Creativity Expo.

The School of Education tweets. So does JSNN. UNCG Financial Aid uses Twitter to help get information to students. The feed uncgParking gives updates on lane closings, detours, Zipcar specials and biking events, as well as parking news. There are many, many more Twitter feeds on campus. You can see a list of official UNCG groups with Twitter, Facebook or YouTube accounts at this directory.

Some tips for UNCG individuals new to Twitter:

  • The main university twitter account follows many twitter pages on campus – and sometimes retweets particularly interesting or informative tweets. A tweet that may have been seen by a hundred can be seen by a multiple of that, if it’s retweeted by others.
  • The main UNCG Twitter account sees tweets bearing the hashtag #UNCG. Even if you have no followers yet, including that hashtag increases the chances your tweet may be retweeted.
  • If you see a UNCG twitter feed you’re interested in following, check out the feeds that account is following. You may want to follow some of those as well.
  • Using Twitter allows your department or program to get the word out and maintain a relationship with its “followers.” It can be a very useful medium for everyone involved.

More information, from posting tips to UNCG-branded avatars, is available on this UNCG Social Media page.

By Mike Harris

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