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man and woman in front of library
Dr. Roper talking with SGA President Samaya Roary outside Jackson Library

Monday morning, Dr. William L. Roper paid a visit to our campus.

He met with Chancellor Gilliam and then with the chair and chair-elect of Faculty Senate and co-chairs and chairs-elect of Staff Senate. He also met with the leadership of the Student Government Association and the Graduate Student Association, in addition to Board of Trustees leaders. A reception was held in Alumni House with university leaders, including Board of Trustees members and leadership of the Alumni Association, Excellence Foundation and Board of Visitors.

people talking at a table
Dr. Roper speaking with leaders of Faculty Senate and Staff Senate in the Hodges Reading Room.

Roper has served as interim president of the UNC System since Jan. 1.

He was most recently the dean of the School of Medicine and vice chancellor for medical affairs at UNC Chapel Hill and CEO of the UNC Health Care System. He also was professor of health policy and management in the School of Public Health and professor of pediatrics and of social medicine in the School of Medicine at UNC Chapel Hill.

By Mike Harris
Photographs by Jiyoung Park

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