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Photo of The Alumni House.On Oct. 6, Provost Dana Dunn sponsored a luncheon meeting in the Virginia Dare Room to launch UNCG’s new Association of Retired Faculty (ARF), which was attended by 42 retired and current faculty. In addition to a welcome by Vice Provost Alan Boyette and presentations on the purpose and background of ARF by Spoma Jovanovic and Pam Williamson, participants heard plans for development of ARF’s bylaws from University Deputy General Counsel Michael Jung and Stephen Yarbrough. Featured were presentations by Catherine Frank, Executive Director of UNC Ashville Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and Art Cooper, NCSU ARF Past President.

With support from the Provost’s Office and the Faculty Senate, an organizing committee has been working to create ARF, based on results from a survey of retired faculty conducted last year. Among others, the purposes of the association will be to

  • Promote strong social and professional relationships among retired faculty and between retired and current faculty;
  • Provide educational and social programs and services for the membership;
  • Recommend policies and procedures pertaining to the University’s relationship with retired faculty;
  • Advocate for the Association and its members to the University and to individuals and entities beyond the Association; and
  • Advocate for the University to individuals and entities beyond the University.

Current members of the UNCGARF Organizing Committee include DiAnne Borders (CED), Susan Dennison (SWK, retired), Diane Gill (KIN), Spoma Jovanovic (CST), Betsy Lindsey (SWK, on phased retirement), Vicki McCready (CSD, retired), and Stephen Yarbrough (ENG). Prior to the luncheon, Pam Williamson (SES) chaired the Committee, surveyed faculty, and sponsored focus groups during her tenure as Provost’s Faculty Fellow for 2016-2017.

The next meeting of ARF will be a wine and cheese reception on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, from 5-7 p.m., in the Virginia Dare Room.

For more information, contact Susan Dennison at stdennis@uncg.edu.

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