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On Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020, the secure virtual desktop environment was made available for all UNCG users. Secure Desktop hosts MyCloud-based Banner administrative applications and reporting, such as ePrint, Argos, and WebFocus (see the full list in the FAQ linked below). Secure Desktop is being developed to be the primary access point for administrative Banner forms.

This service is a part of Information Technology Services’ (ITS) Anywhere Access strategy and will allow Banner users to access critical business applications through a secure connection from campus and remote workspaces.

How does this change affect you?
Direct access to Banner administrative forms and reporting will be removed by Friday, Jan. 29, 2021. Links to instructions for access through Secure Desktop are below.

What steps should you take?
Log in to the Secure Desktop as soon as possible to ensure that you can access all applications you need for daily business processes and your work is not disrupted.

Upon your first login, you may have to map printers and personal custom network drives. If you have department network drives, they will be automatically mapped.

Make sure you can log into and access Box Drive through the app, which is located in the start menu within Secure Desktop.

For more information, see the following:
Secure Desktop: Access Administrative Banner 9 using MyCloud
Secure Desktop: Reporting
Secure Desktop FAQ
Add Network Printer to My Office Computer (Faculty and Staff)
Mapping Drives on the General Computing Network (Windows)

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