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UNCG has taken significant steps to reduce the cost of course materials for students through the pilot of its new First Day™ Inclusive Access Pilot Program. This initiative is a result of the University, UNCG Bookstore, and publishers working together to provide students early access to digital versions of required course material at the lowest price available, which is significantly less than if students were to purchase print versions of the materials.

The pilot program launched this semester and consisted of 24 courses across twelve departments, representing 4,020 students enrolled in those courses. Of the students enrolled, less than 1% chose to opt-out. The overall savings to students in the Pilot program was $314,316. 

First Day works by including required course materials digitally as an additional course charge for a particular course, allowing UNCG Bookstore to provide early access to the required course material through Canvas before the first day of class. An opt-out option is available to all students enrolled in the First Day courses who do not want to take advantage of the program. If students decide they would like to take advantage afterward, they can opt back in prior to the University census date.

This cross-divisional effort led by the Planning, Performance, and Emerging Technology team included departments spanning enrollment services, finance and administration, information technology services, and academic affairs. As Shannon Clegg, senior director of campus enterprises noted, “The Pilot program could not have been successful without the faculty who participated in it. Many thanks to all who contributed to the inaugural semester of the First Day program.”

First Day is set to continue in Fall 2021, expanding the First Day courses available and increasing opportunities for student savings.  

For more information about First Day, visit https://bookstore.uncg.edu/first-day/ 

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