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UNCG’s Collage Chamber Concerts Series will present a collaborative project with the UNCG Association of Retired Faculty (ARF) for an upcoming concert Feb. 2 at 3:30 p.m. in Tew Recital Hall of the UNCG Music Building.

The ARF will partner with Collage Chamber to use the concert event to raise funds and food donations for the Student Emergency Fund and the UNCG Spartan Open Pantry, a critically needed food resource for students and employees of UNCG who find themselves in need of assistance.

Attendees of the concert are being asked to bring food items to donate to the Open Pantry; the items which will be collected by members of ARF.

Information regarding what items are most needed (as well as more information about the Spartan Open Pantry) can be found at this link: https://sa.uncg.edu/sop-spartan-open-pantry/

In addition to the food donations, attendees may make cash donations to the Pantry and Emergency Fund.

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