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Photo of Molecular Core LabAs we get ready for the summer, Renuka Shivaji, the director of the Molecular Core Lab (MCL), wants UNCG to know how she and her colleagues can rev up your research.

Right now, MCL is offering free trials on automated DNA/RNA extractions, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and Western transfers. The lab also has a pilot program with a reduced fee structure for generating preliminary data.

MCL is both a service center providing expert laboratory work and a training hub for undergraduate students, graduate students, and even experienced faculty looking to master new techniques.

Need some genotyping done but don’t have the molecular biology background or equipment? MCL can do it for you.

Have a student who needs training in designing efficient primers or an experiment using real-time PCR? MCL can teach them.

Need to figure out the best equipment for your needs? Need to develop project cost estimates for a grant proposal? MCL can advise you.

Don’t know if a protocol will work for your study? MCL will even try it out for you, risk free.

Molecular biology techniques are increasingly important components of many fields of scientific research. Studies of behavioral patterns, environmental effects, drug efficacy and more now involve techniques such as gene and protein expression analyses, genotyping and mutation analyses. The Molecular Core Lab is structured to help researchers meet these growing expectations.

Director Shivaji has over 22 years experience managing molecular biology laboratories, conducting research, training students and teaching. Dr. Vincent Henrich, the lab’s Science Advisor and founder, is a professor of biology, career molecular geneticist, and director of the UNCG Center for Biotechnology, Genomics, and Health Research. Lab Manager Jenna Callender has extensive training in molecular techniques including cell culture and mutation studies and several years of experience in molecular genetics lab management.

In addition to personnel with a wealth of experience in experiment design and execution, the lab currently boasts a Maxwell MDX16 for automated extraction of DNA or RNA, a Biorad Trans-blot Turbo System for gel electrophoresis and Western transfer of protein samples, and a real-time PCR system.

The Molecular Core Lab reports to UNCG’s Office of Research and Economic Development. “MCL services are designed to help faculty, staff and students achieve their research goals efficiently and in a cost-effective way,” said Vice Chancellor Terri Shelton.

Learn more about the lab at http://research.uncg.edu/corelab/.

Provided by UNCG Research and Economic Development.

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