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The University of North Carolina System has named UNC Greensboro Police Department Officer Taylor Trantham as its 2018 Officer of the Year. Officer Trantham received the award during the UNC Chiefs of Police Conference held on April 25 at the Spangler Center.

During the past year, Officer Trantham responded to more than 500 calls for service as the primary officer. Among the more notable responses, he helped extinguish a fire that occurred in the UNCG Auditorium during a dress rehearsal on April 4, 2017. Thanks to the efforts of the stage crew and Officer Trantham, the fire was contained and no serious injuries occurred.

Officer Trantham has also demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the people in the community. He has led efforts to repair bikes for local children and regularly devotes his own time and money to ensure children in an adjacent neighborhood get to experience Halloween each year. Officer Trantham also collected donations in order to send a Hurricane Harvey Relief package for the officers and families of the Houston Police Department.

See full story at UNC Now site.

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