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We are aware of the recent story in Triad City Beat on Nov. 23 related to allegations of sexual misconduct by Preston Lane, who formerly worked as a part-time lecturer in our College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Our team has been actively investigating these concerns as they relate to his presence at UNCG since we were made aware of them by several alumni in August of 2020. Our investigation is ongoing, and requires us to operate within specific legal guidelines in terms of what we can say, what we can do, and when we can take action. We must adhere to these rules, as to not jeopardize our ability to find the truth and protect the rights of all involved.

To be clear, the alleged conduct is absolutely unacceptable and completely antithetical to the values we hold dear at UNCG. We will not tolerate behaviors that create a hostile environment for our students, are predatory, or limit students’ opportunity to learn and grow. We are fully committed to providing an inclusive, safe, non-discriminatory environment for learning, living, and working.

We also offer our fullest support and have already made several resources available to help anyone who has suffered or feels traumatized by anything that may have happened. We take seriously our responsibility to provide our alumni – and anyone affected in a situation like this – with the opportunity for healing.

We urge anyone who feels they have information to share to contact Murphie Chappell, UNCG Title IX Coordinator, at mechappe@uncg.edu, as soon as possible so that their voices can be heard.

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