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photo of uncg campusUNCG has unveiled its new five-year strategic plan, a road map for the university that outlines significant areas of focus, key goals and initiatives, and a number of important metrics that will be tracked over time.

Presentations at Faculty Convocation and the September trustees meeting in recent days and the new Strategic Plan website have spotlighted the plan.

Dubbed “Taking Giant Steps,” the strategic plan is anchored by three “areas of transformation”: Transforming students to help them become successful in life and in work; transforming knowledge through research and translation of research to practice; and transforming the region through partnerships that promote economic, social and cultural development.

The university will focus its transformative efforts on three areas that align with its historical and emerging strengths: promoting health and wellness defined broadly; building vibrant communities through cultural enrichment, access to high-quality education and improved economic and social conditions; and fostering global connections by bringing people, ideas and organizations together from around the world.

“The plan provides clear, consistent direction for UNCG in terms of our overall priorities, but at the same time it provides a great deal of flexibility for our faculty and staff to create initiatives and programs that can make an impact over time,” said Dr. Julia Jackson-Newsom, associate vice chancellor of strategy and policy and the leader of the plan development process. “It has really been years in the making, with incredible contributions from across our campus – faculty, staff, administration, even students and alumni. In many ways it is a grassroots plan, built from the ground up with a deep connection to both who we are today and who we want to be in the future at UNCG.”

Detailed information on the plan can be found at strategicplan.uncg.edu.

The plan is also well aligned to the UNC system strategic plan. Details on the system plan can be found here: northcarolina.edu/strategic-planning.

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