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Faculty members who have given more than 300 years of service are retiring from UNCG. They are:

  • John J. Gamble Jr., professor, Department of Dance, 26.5 years.
  • Dr. Loren L. Schweninger, Rosenthal Excellence Professor, Department of History, 40.5 years.
  • Dr. Francine R. Johnston, associate professor, Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education, 17 years.
  • Dr. Sarah B. Berenson, Yopp Distinguished Professor, Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education, five years.
  • Dr. Terence A. Nile, professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 39 years.
  • Dr. Adalyn Vallecorsa, professor, Department of Specialized Education Services, 32 years.
  • Dr. Jaquelyn W. White, professor, Department of Psychology, 40 years.
  • Dr. K. Porter Aichele, professor, Department of Art, 21.5 years.
  • Dr. Laura S. Sims, professor, Department of Nutrition, 12 years.
  • Billie M. Durham, clinical assistant professor, Library and Information Studies, 3.5 years.
  • Dr. Marion O’Brien, professor, Human Development and Family Studies, 11.5 years.
  • Vicki McCready, academic professional professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, 29 years.
  • Dr. Margaret R. Savoca, associate professor, Nutrition, seven years.
  • Dr. James Sellers, professor, Community and Therapeutic Recreation, 35 years.

Note: This post was updated, with addition of five names, on July 23, 2012.

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