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Information Technology Services’ (ITS) appreciates your participation in our efforts to keep University and personal data secure and welcomes all faculty and staff to our new multi-factor authentication service, Microsoft Azure Multi-factor Authentication (Azure MFA).

Azure MFA is a computing security system that uses an additional, second-factor form of identification for user accounts to securely access UNCG computing services such as email or Banner, and which meets UNC System-mandated account security requirements. Acceptable forms of additional identification are listed below and must be registered for each user. The registration period for Azure MFA will now start Wednesday, May 12, 2021. 

Registering for Azure MFA begins May 12, 2021, and will be required on May 26, 2021. All faculty and staff who log in to applications like Gmail and Banner will be prompted to register for MFA.

Azure MFA Town Halls

UNCG faculty and staff who have questions or concerns are encouraged to register for one or more Azure MFA town halls. In these sessions, Azure MFA project team leaders will demonstrate the registration processes, explain how and why Azure MFA is used, and answer questions about the service. Town hall attendees are encouraged to submit questions prior to their town hall date(s) so that tech leaders may prepare the most helpful answers and develop adequate documentation to meet their needs.

Register here for town halls.

Frequently Asked Questions for Azure MFA

How do I install Azure MFA?

Installing Azure MFA is quick and easy. Start by downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app (available for Apple and Android), scanning the QR code with your second-factor device when prompted, and entering the phone number to your chosen device. Multi-factor Authentication @ UNCG provides detailed installation instructions that you can follow to set up your MFA device.

Watch the setup steps for each option

What options are available for an additional form of identification (second-factor)?

Like banking, utility-provider websites, and other secure online services, you can opt for one of four additional forms of identification to securely access your UNCG accounts: 

  • Push notification or virtual token code from the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on your smartphone or tablet
  • Text message (SMS) 
  • Phone call 

Compare Second Factor Options outlines the choices you have to authenticate your ID at UNCG.

If I forgot or lost my device, how can I access my UNCG accounts?

You will not be able to access Azure MFA-protected services if you don’t have a device previously associated with your account. In these situations, 6-TECH staff can help you to log in by other appropriate means.

For more information, see the Multi-Authorization (MFA) FAQ webpage.

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