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The CDC has recently updated its guidance related to COVID-19 in several areas, and Governor Cooper and NC DHHS continue to update guidance for our region. Because this is a critical time in the life of the University – students and faculty are finishing up classes and Commencement is just around the corner – we will continue to follow our existing campus COVID-related policies through the end of the semester. With that in mind, here are a few important reminders: 

  • Our campus policy remains that face coverings are required when inside a building on campus, unless you are in a private office space. The face covering should cover both your mouth and your nose. When outside, face coverings should be worn when you are with others (e.g., walking together, playing games, sitting and talking). This applies to everyone – regardless of whether you’ve been vaccinated or not. 
  • Please be mindful that COVID-19 symptoms can look a lot like allergy symptoms. Guilford County Public Health has alerted us to an increase in individuals who assume their allergies are acting up, but who end up testing positive. We’ve seen a few cases like this on campus, too. If you develop COVID-19 symptoms, you should get tested just to be sure. 
  • We have updated our quarantine policy per CDC and Guilford County Public Health guidance; the quarantine period is now 10 days, and symptoms should be monitored for the full 14-day incubation period.    
  • Remember that it takes two weeks after your final dose of vaccine for your immune system to fully respond and give you maximum protection.
  • As the summer approaches, more people are likely to plan travel. The CDC has updated its travel guidance to include recommendations for domestic and international travel for those who have and haven’t been vaccinated.  

We are in the process of reviewing and updating our campus-based policies for the summer and will communicate any changes by mid-May.

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