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083116Feature_VirginiaDareRoomThe Alumni House’s Virginia Dare Room has always looked great.

Now it has the sound to match.

In the past several weeks, workers have installed a sound system to accommodate the many meetings and events in the room throughout the year. Two events yesterday (Aug. 30) used some of the new features. Today’s (Aug. 31) Faculty Senate meeting will use the full system.

Now, there are eight speakers in the ceiling, says John Comer, Alumni House manager for the Office of Alumni Engagement. Therefore, for most events, there will no longer be a need for portable speakers.

The new speakers are designed for various room orientations. For example, if the room is set up so the speaker is at a particular spot and the chairs are facing that end of the room, the speaker system can be controlled to optimize the sound for that orientation – with no echo or feedback.

Visitors at events will notice fewer wires, fewer portable speakers and much better sound.

The cost of the sound system is being paid by the UNCG Alumni Association, says Comer.

Moreland Smith, Alumni House historian for the Alumni Association and an ex officio member of its board, notes that “technology is great but sometimes it is not very pretty, and the microphone and two-speaker setups (of the past) can have feedback problems, which limit a speaker’s mobility. “

“Given the wide variety of configurations for events, from weddings, to board meetings, to public forums and lectures as well as receptions, we needed a flexible setup to support a variety of sound needs.  These needs range from single lecturer at a fixed podium to a full scale event with a sound technician managing a mixing board.”

“An additional challenge was to minimize the aesthetic impact of a modern sound system on the most beautiful room on campus,” Smith added. UNCG Facilities and the contractors at Imagine were very responsive in meeting those needs, he says.

By Mike Harris
Visual: Last week, as work progressed on the speakers in the ceiling.

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