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The SELF Design Studio in the UNCG School of Education is hosting virtual escape rooms for the UNCG community.

The concept is similar to the premise of a real escape room, except players work with a group of people to solve a puzzle which will open a digital lock. The challenges take place on Zoom and the activity last for approximately an hour. Games can be on any level and cover any subject matter.

The activity may help faculty who are teaching online to lead students to work collaboratively and build a sense of community

The SELF Studio can work with faculty to create a game that relates to their content or subject area, through planning sessions between the studio and the faculty.

The challenges can also be used a team-building activity for departments and student groups that haven’t had the opportunity to work together.

Faculty and staff can try out a sample of a basic virtual escape room here: https://sites.google.com/uncg.edu/colors/home

Students who would like to register for the SELF Design Studio Escape Room Adventure can do so here: http://tinyurl.com/uncgescape

The SELF Studio is also focusing on the use of digital tool for creativity this semester. They are willing and ready to help departments develop resources or teach students how to use tools for projects. Examples of tools include: e-Book creator, virtual reality space creation, Scratch visual programming, app creation, and Google Earth / Expeditions.

Contact Matt Fisher for more information at msfishe2@uncg.edu.

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