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030211NewsAndNotes_ShareStoryIn the recent Campus Weekly survey, almost 40 percent indicated they’d like to be able to email a story to others. Eighteen percent expressed a desire to post stories to their Facebook page. Almost five percent said they’d “tweet” a story on Twitter.

Sharing a CW story in these ways is now simple.

Under every story, you’ll see icons where you can do each of these and more.

The envelope icon lets you email the story – and add a short message, if you want.

The “T” icon lets you tweet a story if you have a Twitter account, and the “F” lets you post a story to your Facebook page if you have one.

Click “Share this” and you’ll see many more options for potentially sharing a story with colleagues or friends.

Want to make sure a co-worker saw the March 2 feature about academic restructuring. Email it to her.

Want to mark the passing of an era on Tate Steet? Facebook the “The Corner Has Closed” story and video. Or tweet it.

Email if you have questions. And don’t hesitate to share interesting UNCG stories with others.

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