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Photo of Sam Harlow and Jess Navarro
L to R: ‘Webinars Worth Watching’ organizer Sam Harlow and first place winner Jess Navarro. Photo by Jason Tam.

UNCG Graduate School and University Libraries recently hosted a competition for face-to-face and online graduate students to see who could give the most effective webinar or virtual presentation in 10 minutes.

“Virtual programming and presentations, such as webinars, are becoming more and more common in education and the workforce. But how many webinars have you been to that are boring, where you end up browsing the internet? Graduate students need to be able to present their work and research digitally, as well as communicate the information effectively and quickly within the virtual programming tool.”

– Samantha Harlow, Assistant Professor and Online Learning Librarian

Here are the winners from the inaugural event:

People’s Choice: Mark Snow (Kinesiology EdD)
“Creation of Online Active Learning Faculty Development Page”

1st Place: Jessica Navarro (Human Development and Family Studies)
“Divine Thanks: Are Religious People More Grateful?”

2nd Place:  Kyoungyoun (Anne) Park-Braswell (Kinesiology)
“Differences in the Brain Function and Structure between Various Degree of Knee Laxity Individuals”

Finalist: Elvis Foli (Kinesiology)
“Biomechanics, Birth Control, and Biochemistry: Examining a Risk Factor for ACL Injury Using a Multidisciplinary Approach.”

This year’s all-star lineup of finalist judges for the competition included:

Karen Bull, Dean of UNCG Online
Lee Phillips, Director of UNCG Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office
Andrew Hamilton, Associate Vice President of Student Success and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Preparing and delivering an effective webinar develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills, while emphasizing students’ ability to explain their research effectively in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. 

See the event website for more details.

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