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Since June 2009, the 100 participants in our campus’ Weight Watchers at Work program have lost a total of 1,491 pounds.

In the most recent session, the 26 participants lost 102 pounds. Four reached their goal weight during the session.

Since the start, eight have reached their goal weight.

Come to the The Weight Watchers at Work “open house” session Wednesday, March 23, at 12:15 p.m. in EUC’s Joyner Room, to learn more. The program consists of a 17-week series of meetings weekly on Wednesdays in Bryan 113 during the lunch hour.

The fee to participate in the program is $186 for the entire 17-week program.

The next 17-week series is scheduled to start on March 30.

Sign up to attend the March 23 Open House here: https://freyr.uncg.edu/workshops/list_by_category.jsp?cat_id=77001000 – look for “Weight Watchers at Work.”

At the open house, you can see how a meeting is conducted, ask questions to leader Bobbie Gaski and talk with some who have reached their goal weight.

Lifetime status means that a participant has reached their goal weight – determined by body mass index (BMI), doctor, leader, person or a combination – and have maintained that weight for a six-week period.

Some of the participants who have reached “lifetime status” were asked about their experience at UNCG’s program:

Maureen Ballsieper (Bryan School) met her lifetime goal a while back, she says. ” I now attend WW to keep a check on my lifestyle and habits.”

She added, “This is healthy eating at its best. I would encourage you to attend the open house … You will love Bobbie, the leader. She will motivate, encourage and praise your efforts.”

Karen Patrick (College of Arts & Sciences) says, “Although I was already a careful grocery shopper, I learned so much more about healthy, low calorie foods that are readily available. The shopping and recipe tips shared by members, as well as the positive support during our weekly meetings, have been extremely valuable.”

The easy-to-follow guidelines, flexible eating plan and the support of like-minded individuals were cited by Jennifer Tomon (Education).

Pam Cash noted that other Bryan School colleagues joined at the same time she did. “The support network definitely helped.” She also liked that she didn’t have to leave campus – it fit well into her schedule.

Pam Sparks (Bryan School) says. “This is a lifestyle change. You really do eat, just differently.”

Contact Elizabeth L’Eplattenier (4-4297) or Jason Morris (4-4408) with questions.

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