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Photo of David Holley (Music) greeting Well-Spring residentsA college fair last week at Well•Spring Retirement Community marked the beginning of a groundbreaking relationship that leaders of UNCG and Well•Spring believe will benefit members of both institutions.

It will bring together talented and experienced adults and a vibrant, academic community.

Beginning this semester, residents of Well•Spring will have the opportunity to attend on-campus lectures, concerts, recitals, athletic events and other activities as well as enroll in or audit classes. In turn, they may serve as mentors or volunteers for student and community activities, sharing their business expertise and life experiences with UNCG students.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady called the kick-off a “historic day” for UNCG.

“We have never entered into this kind of relationship before. This is a mutual partnership of mutual benefit,” Brady said. “You have rich experiences that our students can learn from. I believe we will learn as much from you as you will learn from us.”

“This has been a dream of mine since I came to Well•Spring nearly 14 years ago,” President and CEO Stephen Fleming told the large crowd, who’d been part of a similar partnership with Dartmouth College when he worked at a retirement community in New Hampshire.

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By Betsi Robinson
Visual: David Holley (Music) greets Well-Spring residents. Photo by Chris English.

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