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The successful UNCG 2011 SECC campaign was one to be proud of – despite challenges. Or perhaps because of the challenges.

This year, due to budget cutbacks, there were fewer fellow employees – a loss our campus has felt in many ways.

“Not only did we lose employees, we haven’t had a raise in a long time and many families have one unemployed or underemployed spouse. Ironically, when the needs of the community are the greatest, the needs of our own faculty and staff are also the greatest,” SECC chair Dr. John Locke (Music) told the volunteer solicitors. He added, “Simply put, times are tough for many people.”

The solicitors had gathered in Virgina Dare Room to hear the results. Going into the weekend, the goal of $235,000 had not yet been met.

During the previous year’s campaign, the economy had been bad. Still, 44 percent contributed, Locke explained. This year, the economy is bad – and 48 percent contributed.

“On Monday afternoon, just three days ago, we made our goal!” Locke announced – to a big round of applause. He called several volunteers to the front of Virginia Dare Room to reveal the numbers.

The total – as of that day – was $238,796.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady told the volunteers, “I want to thank all of you for the incredible work.” She particularly noted the work of Locke, this year’s campaign chair and a longtime solicitor, and Peggy Woods, who has managed the campus’ campaign for years. And she noted the great number of UNCG faculty and staff who “stepped up” to surpass the goal.

Peggy Woods (University Advancement) will retire from UNCG effective Jan. 31. She received a big round of applause for her SECC work over the past years.

By Mike Harris. Photo by Mike Harris.


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