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Assemblages is an annual conference hosted by the UNCG Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies department to showcase graduate and undergraduate research and the projects  community members and local organizers .

WGSS is accepting applications for presentations of personal, political, or academic projects, papers, theses, workshops, panels, or creative art/media piece exploring and deconstructing systems of power and oppression based on categories such as race, gender, sexuality, class, ability, nationality, and citizenship.

All attendees and presenters must register but this symposium is free to all participants and lunch will be provided. WGSS seeks to create an environment for networking and collaboration rather than competition. They hope students, faculty, community members, local organizers, activists, and others will come together to engage in meaningful conversation about the systematic oppressions embedded in the social relations and institutions that govern our lives. Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and alumni, community members and organizers from all disciplines and universities (or none) are encouraged and welcome to submit. Participants are not limited to one presentation or panel.

Methods of Presentation:
Group or Individual Presentation
Facilitated Workshop (Group or Individual)
Panel (w/ moderation)
Presentation/Panel hybrid (w/moderation)
Creative Piece or Media/Art (if there is demand, we will organize a gallery walk presenting oppression related art work)

Submissions are due by March 3, 2020. Please submit a short proposal or abstract (200-250 words) explaining your work. Art proposals should be submitted with a short description of the piece and its significance to the conversation about oppression and a .jpg image. The work does not need to be completed at the time of submission. Please include your name, pronouns (if you wish them indicated on your name badge), email address, university affiliation (if any), and dietary restrictions. When submitting your proposal please include any accessibility and/or technological needs/requirements.

Proposals can be submitted using this link: https://tinyurl.com/assemblages-submission

For more information about the Assemblages Anti-Oppression Works Conference for 2020 go to:

For answers to questions and queries email our graduate assistants at:
slregan@uncg.edu or bcpowel2@uncg.edu or call 336-3345673

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