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Photo of Jasmine Kendrick writing on the wallJasmine Kendrick scribbles with a marker, in purple ink. She’s considered what she most wants to do in her life.

“Not letting my fears stop me from living.” She adds an orange border, to dress up these words.

She wants to think about all the positives more, and put those negatives aside.

The sheets of white paper cover half a wall in the EUC Gallery, near the Auditorium foyer.

Bill Johnson read the book “Before I Die.” He was inspired. “I wrote the author, and I did one outside my office last spring.” It was a hit – students filled it with their top aspirations.

Morgan Whisnant, a junior HDFS major, and Jasmine Kendrick, a sophomore psychology major, were in that class – “Purpose and Vision and Action.” Jasmine says the projects she did in that class led her to her current major, which she loves.

It’s an essential question, Johnson explains. “What do we really want to do?”

Morgan is now a teaching assistant for Johnson. What did she write? “I wanted to conquer my fear of heights.” Since she wrote it, she has gone ziplining and she takes on the climbing wall at the Rec Center twice a week now.

Some of Johnson’s favorites on the current wall are “Share my story” and “Make a difference.”

He is student success coordinator and instructor in the School of Health and Human Sciences.

Johnson dedicates this month’s “Before I Die” project to a friend with whom he shared a birthday – Dr. Bill Evans. Evans died Oct. 22 of last year. “We had planned to celebrate turning 50 together…and then he was gone. Made me realize that life’s too short not to do the things I really want to do.”

The project will come down Oct. 22.

But not before nearly every clear space is filled with hopes and aspirations. As Morgan says, “There’s still room!”

Come write – and read. And think deeply about your life. The board will be up till Oct. 22.

Want more details? Read the story http://candychang.com/before-i-die-in-nola/ and learn about the movement http://beforeidie.cc/site/.

By Mike Harris
Visual: Jasmine Kendrick writes on the wall.

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