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A new web site called “How do I … ?” is now available, especially for administrative support personnel.

The web site can be found at http://provost.uncg.edu/Admin_Support/

In early fall 2009, Executive Staff agreed to endorse a new initiative dubbed “What Wastes Your Time?” under the leadership of Laura Young, associate vice chancellor of enterprise administrative applications and chairperson of the Administrative Systems Committee. The goal was to identify how current business processes and systems may be wasting UNCG resources and where there are opportunities for maximizing benefits from investments already made. Members of the university community began to be engaged shortly thereafter. Many suggestions emerged and a few have been implemented. For example, Laura Young reports that Human Resource Services implemented a new design for their affirmative action form which made it more user-friendly,

One suggestion surfaced multiple times: that there be a central place for administrative support personnel to go to that would direct them to current instructions on how to handle commonly encountered tasks. The Academic Affairs Administrative Support Group, under the leadership of Liz Meeks, responded by creating a subgroup to work with Young and Tracy Clemmons to design a “How Do I…?” centralized checklist of some of the administrative support’s commonly useful tasks in the AAF division and make it available on a web site. The site addresses academic support systems and business processes and includes such “How Do I….? items as Travel Processing, Accounts Payable, Hiring, Purchasing, Payroll, Event Planning, PC Computing, and much more.

The sub-group, which consists of Amy Moore (Music), Cathy McGuire (Financial Aid), Christina Thompson (International Programs Center), Glenda Sparks (Continual Learning), Michele Boltuc (Office of the Provost) and Tracy Clemmons (Business Affairs) believes that the administrative support personnel campus-wide will find this information valuable.

For more information, contact Tracy Clemmons at 4-5200 or tfclemmo@uncg.edu.

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