News Items from UNC Greensboro

Hello: Rodney Lloyd, Financial Aid; Mary Porterfield, HDFS; Peter Reynolds, Housekeeping; Chelsea Hudson, HDFS; Geoffrey Fish, ITS; Marcia Griffin, Genetic Counseling; Mary Clark, Biology; Michael Leonard, Student Health Services; Jordan Timberlake, College of Arts and Sciences, Dean’s Office; Wendy Trogdon, Nursing; Luis Torres-Hernandez, Public Safety and Police; Richard West, Public Safety and Police; Jonathan Agaton, Parking Services; Karen Steiner, Student Health Services; William Bledsoe, Registrar’s Office; Greta Smith, International Programs Center; Eva Miller, HDFS

Goodbye: Lewis Eanes, Utility Operations; Aeriele Rivers; HDFS; Aminah Richburg, Financial Aid; Judith Johnson, UTLC; Ophelia Motley, Housing and Residence Life; Susan Stack, Chancellor’s Office; Joshua Vernon, Athletics; Milton Johnson, Utility Operations; Lynn Harris, University Libraries; James Herring, Public Safety and Police; Patricia Turner, University Registrar’s Office; Lester Douglas, Housekeeping; Sally Sprague, Genetic Counseling; Shirley Jones, Accounting Services; Yvonne Poffenbaugh, Contracts and Grants, Accounting; Elizabeth Waller, Biology; Shannon Bridges, Accounting Services; James Turner, Utility Operations; Jerry Cardwell, Grounds, Robert Sutcliffe, Utility Operations; Joe Dixon, Public Safety and Police; Timothy Walsh, Information Technology Services; Alfred Hanes, Building and Trades

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