News Items from UNC Greensboro

Hello: (no additions for this report period)

Good-bye: Don Shore, Human Resources; Annie Martin, Nursing; Gloria Hayes, Communication Studies; Charles Shepherd, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Jessica Beamon, Music, Theatre and Dance; Jacqueline B. Oates, Undergraduate Studies; Michael Shepherd, Education; Michael Leonard, Education; Christopher Jones, Learning Technologies; Angel Biegert, Education; Jennifer Stanley, Theatre; Glenda Sparks, Continual Learning; Victoria Kurdyla, Sociology; Lettie Cobb, Gateway University Research Park; Anna Croom, Annual Fund; Steve Tuck, Facilities Services; Jeff Belton, Postal Services; Scott Winsted, Printing Services; Tracy Clemmons, Kinesiology; Charles Sanford, ITS; and Ashley Corbett, Human Resources.

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