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with Nadja Cech and Omar Ali

Welcome to the “Yes, and Cafe,” a podcast where we explore, learn, and create with ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Hosts Omar Ali and Nadja Cech

“Yes, and” is the powerful, intentional, and creative practice of building with other people. The name comes from improvisational theater. So, what is it? One: paying attention. Two: affirming. And three: building on what others give you. That’s it! Yes, and.

Episode 1: How do we learn and how do we live? As it turns out, play is the key to our learning everything, from taking our first steps to walking on the moon. In this inaugural episode of the Yes, and Cafe, we speak with Dr. Lois Holzman, Director of the East Side Institute in New York City and Distinguished Fellow of Lloyd International Honors College at UNC Greensboro, about the power of play. Tucker Daniel, music education student and class of 2020, joins the conversation.  (Download transcript)

Episode 2: Steve Haines (School of Music) is an award winning double bassist, performer, teacher, and community organizer. He has been a Professor at UNC Greensboro for more than 20 years, and was instrumental in establishing the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program. Join us as we talk with Steve about improvising as a performer, a Dad, and as champion of UNC Greensboro’s 2020 theme “She can, We can.” UNC Greensboro student Taylor Monk-Watkins also weighs in. (Download transcript)

Episode 3: When Annah Awartani came to Greensboro in the 1990s, she longed for the food that reminded her of home. Unable to find such food in local restaurants, she began to cook it herself, first for her family, then for her community. Annah’s cooking, which draws on Greek, Palestinian, and Syrian influences, has become a staple of the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. Beyond that, though, Annah is a champion of the slow food movement and of community building by cooking and eating together. Join us in a conversation with Annah about cooking as philosophy, medicine, a way to share love, and a way to “Yes, and.” Also joining us is UNCG student Lilee Rose. (Download transcript)

Episode 4: Justin and Lalenja Harrington are a dynamic duo, drawing from hip hop, jazz, and old time traditions to create soulful and immersive performance experiences. They also happen to be mother and son. Join as we converse with them about how intentionally practicing “Yes, and” plays into their experience as performers, artists, and family. Bonus: Experience their spontaneous performance of “Brown Baby.” (Download transcript)

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