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The 2018 UNCG Conference & Expo presented by Business Affairs is scheduled for Wednesday, August 1, at the Elliott University Center. All UNCG employees are invited to attend. To register for the conference, visit https://bafexpo.uncg.edu/register/.

The Expo will be free and open to all UNCG employees and will:

  • Provide an opportunity to preview the new UNC Greensboro brand refresh, courtesy of University Communications
  • Showcase departments within Business Affairs and how they support the University
  • Allow attendees to put a face with a name
  • Explore the Banner 9 migration at the IFT Engage table

The Conference:

  •  Will give attendees the opportunity to expand their knowledge on several topics that possibly affect them daily.
  •  There will be multiple workshops with presentations from several departments within Business Affairs giving the attendees a better understanding of how the division better supports the success of the University.
  • Attendees will also be able to hear our keynote speakers, Chancellor Gilliam and Jeff Shafer, discuss the university’s brand refresh. Attendees will be among the first to see the brand campaign, which will be shown during the keynote address.
  • Registration* for the conference is required. Registration is now open and includes:
  • Access to all events (Keynote Address, Expo, Conference Workshops)
  • Lunch

* $35 will be charged back to the department of each Conference attendee via a BANFIN-33 Interdepartmental Invoice.

By Richard Fleming

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